Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Now why is it so difficult to let things go? They're just things. Objects. Actually, I do know the answer(s) to that. I paid good money for it, it has sentimental value, someone important to me gave it to me....etc etc. In spite of having all the answers, I, personally, still have difficulty getting rid of things. It doesn't matter that I'm giving it to charity and I know I am helping out other people in the process. The bottom line is, these objects are so hard to let go of. I have given away quite a lot of stuff already, so it's not like I have an attachment to things. There are just some things that are more hard to part with. For me, though, the hardest things to give away are things that important people in my life give me. I'm fine with donating or throwing out things I've spent good money on. In fact, I've done it. I've just given away my film SLR camera and a good collection of CDs. Sometimes I feel that these CDs will be of value someday, but I just try to psych myself into thinking, "so what?"

In spite of all the things I've gotten rid of, I still have quite a bit of clutter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hoarder and I don't have a lot of things to begin with. Like I mentioned in my first post, everything I own is in my tiny room. I'm not exactly aiming for minimalism, but I'd like to have a somewhat clear area and have no objects on the floor. And I'm nowhere close to that. *sad face*

What I've been having trouble with for quite some time is parting with paper products. This includes stationery, fancy paper, fancy envelopes, note cards, and even paper scraps. As for the scraps of paper that I keep, I only do so because I don't feel right throwing away paper that is still useable. And this has mainly to do with the environment. I try to reuse as much as I can, even if I just want to throw them all out. I'm not sure if I have the wrong attitude about this because, well, it IS paper, and I don't think it's wise to be throwing it out. So this is one of the things I'm struggling with, and sometimes I just need someone to tell me that it's okay to throw it out, and not just saying it for the sake of getting me to throw them out, but because it's the honest truth.

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