Saturday, September 22, 2012

To give myself a bit of a boost, I've joined a Declutter Challenge to purge 366 items in 2012. Although I'm way too late in the game, I think I am able to catch up. I had mentioned earlier in my blog that I've gotten rid of 3 bags full of my stuff. Too bad I didn't count how many items were it in, but I'll put it at 66 (though I think there were more). That gives me 300 more things to give away starting today.

Item 1: Unused notebooks
Item 2: Unused sketchbooks

Monday, Sept 24:

Item 3: A pair of shoes
Item 4: CD spool (It's a container where you stack CDs without jewel cases)
Item 5: A bunch of pencils

Tuesday, Sept 25:

Item 6: A small black leather bag

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